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Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants For Battered Women's Shelters_Grants to State Domestic Violence Coalitions

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Possible uses and use restrictions...

State domestic violence coalitions may use funds under the Act to support a range of activities, including working with local domestic violence programs and providers of direct services to encourage appropriate responses to domestic violence within the State; working with judicial and law enforcement agencies to encourage appropriate responses to domestic violence cases and examine legal issues; working with family law judges, criminal court judges, Child Protective Services agencies, and children's advocates to develop appropriate responses to child custody and visitation issues in domestic violence cases as well as cases where domestic violence and child abuse are both present; conducting public education campaigns regarding domestic violence through the use of public service announcements and informative materials that are designed for print media, billboards, public transit advertising, electronic broadcast media, and other vehicles for information including information aimed at underserved racial, ethnic or language-minority populations; and participating in planning and monitoring the distribution of grants and grant funds within the State under Section 303(a) of the Act. (See program 93.671, Family Violence Prevention and Services: Grants to State and Indian Tribes.)